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Relax & Reconnect- 7 Guided Meditations for Beginners

A 7 day course of guided meditations to bring you deep relaxation, balance & joy :)
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A variety of meditation practices
The ability to focus ones mind
The ability to relax deeply

Welcome to Relax and Reconnect:  7 Guided Meditations for Beginners :) 

    The aim of this course is to give you 7 different 10- 20 minute meditation practises.  Giving you the chance to experience the benefits of regular meditation first hand while exploring a variety of techniques.

  You can listen to 1 class a day for 7 days and you are welcome to re-visit the same sessions again and again. Practice makes perfect and over time you may feel the great and varied benefits of meditation such as more mental focus, faster relaxation, balance in your day to day life and better sleep. 

 I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy  practicing along with these videos at home.

      Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions as you go along. 



              :) Sacha      

Relax & Reconnect- 7 Guided Meditations for Beginners
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