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Relative Velocity at JEE level (Physics)

Relative Velocity for JEE/NEET and other competitive exams
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Relative velocity , river boat or river swimmer and rain umbrella related problems

In this course you will understand the basics of Relative Velocity from Newtonian Mechanics perspective. You will understand the calculation of velocity from different frames and use this knowledge in solving problems of minimum separation between two moving objects, river and swimmer related questions and Rain umbrella questions.

We start with basic concept. Then we see some applications on this. This is followed by the concept of shortest distance and the problems involving this concept. Once we are done with shortest distance we enter in to the river boat or river swimmer related questions where you will see how you must aim to reach diametrically opposite point or how to reach other shore in shortest time. We shall also discuss ideas involving minimum drift. After this we shall look at how a moving person must hold umbrella to escape rain when its raining.

At the end a very advanced topic namely approach and separation is discussed along with some of the most complex problems. Here to help you visualise I have introduced an interesting concept of a rod(or box) connecting two particles and looking at the situation from box frame. This is followed by three very interesting problems, the last two being quite involved and require integration. But the important part is that you don't actually solve integrals, rather you eliminate them !

Relative Velocity at JEE level (Physics)
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