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Developing A Close Relationship with God: A Simple Method

Easy steps to go deeper in your relationship with God this week! Anyone can do these - not complicated or boring!
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After you take this course you will be confident that you know how to connect with God deeply each day.
You will also be able to focus your attention so you can pay attention to God without distractions.
You’ll learn to recognize His voice and you’ll be familiar with many ways that God communicates with you.
You'll practice recording what God has said to you each day.
This will give you confidence to take action on what He tells you to do. That’s quite an adventure!
You'll have a new appreciation of what it means to really TRUST God.

Do you wish God would speak to YOU like He spoke to people in the Bible?

  • Are you spiritually curious, wondering if God still speaks to people today?

  • Have you heard other people talk about God as though they know Him personally, but you don't have that kind of relationship yet?

  • Are you bored in your religious routine and you want something to ignite your passion for God again?

  • Do you need some practical steps to get close to God?

If any of this describes you, then this course is for you!

The purpose of this course is to help you develop a daily practice of talking and listening to God – to give you tools that will help you be successful in listening to God, obeying Him and trusting Him. Included are practical exercises you can do immediately to help you apply what you learn. You can complete this course in just 15 minutes a week for 4 weeks. Daily practice will help you learn the skills - it only takes 5-10 minutes a day!

Have you ever heard God say, "I love you?" You can now. Through this training class you will learn how to recognize when God is speaking to you. This class will teach you how to listen to the Holy Spirit. As you are learning to listen, you may think, “What does God sound like? How do I know if I'm hearing God or just my own thoughts?” This class will answer these questions by teaching you not only “listening prayer”, but also discernment about what you hear.

You can know God personally. He longs for you to experience His friendship - your life will never be the same. Sign up today!

Developing A Close Relationship with God:  A Simple Method
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