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RelationShapes: Complete Guitar Scales Learning System

Learn scales fast, with no music theory required!
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Effortlessly play and connect major and minor scales and their modes as well as symmetrical scales everywhere on the guitar neck.

Welcome to RelationShapes, the only guitar scale system you'll ever need! In this series, I teach you my system for learning 3-note-per-string scales on the guitar, and a simple set of rules so you can know where you are within those scales all the time, so you can know where to go next. I'll cover the major scale and all its modes, the harmonic minor scale and all its modes, the melodic minor scale and all its modes, and symmetrical scales like diminished and whole tone scales. 

Most importantly, it's not just a bunch of notes to memorize - it's a way of breaking down the scales into the smallest units and applying some logic so you always know where you are and how to get to where you want to be. Most scale systems are just a ton of rote memorization - but RelationShapes is a map AND how to read it! It's a complete method for learning and practicing scales for the guitar, no matter how many strings there are on your axe, or what style of music you play.

RelationShapes: Complete Guitar Scales Learning System
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