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Relational Database Design concepts

Learn how to design database objects
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How to design a database schema, how to set up tables, columns, data type, keys, relationship and how to normalize
Practical examples for database design
Best practices for creating database objects


This course is about designing a database schema. How to create tables, columns, set data types for columns, identify keys, identify relationship between tables and normalize.

No software installation is required. The database schema will be design using an online tool, also the SQL statements will be run inside the online tool Oracle livesql.

Why to start:

  • You want to know how to design your database schema.

  • You want to check if a database schema is designed correctly .

  • If you just started as a Oracle developer and want some knowledge about database design.

  • If you are a business person and just want to check if database objects are designed properly.

Course content:

The course has 4 chapters, you will learn to build 3 apps:

  • Database design concepts

  • Database design steps

  • Practical examples

  • Best Practices

Relational Database Design concepts
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