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Rejection: Prevention, Therapy and Personal Development

Rejection's resilience and therapy Blueprint for effective parenting and personal development for adults and children
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You will have deep information about rejection
You will know why rejection is painfull
why it is not easy to go away when you have been rejected
what you can do to empower your self against rejection
what you can do to empower children against rejection
You will have insights about rejection
You will have great assistance on how to prevent or give therapy about rejection

This course is giving answers to many questions about rejection. Why do we feel pain after rejection? Why are we angry?

How can we educate and help ourselves and our children to create resilience against rejection?

It is based on my research about Space and Time Disorder (STD). In this course, for the first time, you will have all the above answered. It is a unique and valuable course for everybody.

You have been rejected many times but you cannot understand why it is so painful.

Rejection will be painful many years after it happens. We can never forget rejection. So, it is very important as parents and teachers to learn how to avoid rejecting our children and students, and moreover, how to help them to develop through our acceptance.

You want to facilitate a child to have the power to transform rejection to knowledge and development and not to be broken into pieces after a rejection.

After you finish this course you will have the knowledge that you need to feel confident and power to go on without being afraid of rejection or rejecting your children without not even have understood that you are doing it.

Rejection can stop you from doing the next step to your development. It is really crucial to learn how to help your children and yourself to cope with rejection.

You also will have as a bonus a companion book to help you go on.

Rejection:   Prevention, Therapy  and Personal Development
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