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Reinvent your self-image to be more confident and successful

Assess your self-image. Increase your self-confidence. Feel more worthy of success. Dream and achieve more naturally.
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Appreciate the strong correlation between all what people achieve in their lives and their self-image
Assess the health level of their current self-image
Understand their aspirational target self-image
Create a roadmap to bridge the gap between their current and target self-image
Learn how to lighten the grip that their so-called regrets have on them, and look at them positively
Achieve a significantly enhanced level of self-confidence
Unlock a new level of motivation, excitement and achievement

“Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.” ~ Nathaniel Branden

Each of us has a sense of identity that we establish for ourselves over the years. It is the sum-total of our beliefs about us.

This sense of identity gives us our anchor in life and enables us to make all our decisions on what we like, what we do not like, who do we want to associate with and who do we want to avoid. As we mature, this sense of identity keeps becoming more rigid, as over the years, it gets verified again and again.

And the simple reason it gets verified is because we always act in ways that are consistent with that identity.

Our lives revolve around this concept of our ‘Self-image’, and note here, that I call it a concept as it can be changed! The core of all personal development and transformation begins from the self-image inside out. If we can make even smallest of changes at that level, we can experience big gains on the outside.

It is well-established that to live a life that is reasonably happy and satisfying, an adequate self-image is a key requirement. It is also well-established now that in case of a person with inadequate self-image, the world can seem to be a frightening place.

Let me list a few characteristics of people with inadequate self-image:

  • They get jealous quite easily
  • They get quite critical and angry when offered feedback
  • They tend to take everything personally
  • They lack social skills and self-confidence
  • They are often uncomfortable when they are alone
  • They dress poorly and do not take good care of their health
  • They blame something or someone else most of the time
  • They spread fear on how uncertain and unfair the world is
  • They don’t expect much out of life in general

A certain amount of discomfort is a necessity for growth. We cannot grow to new levels of perception or capability from our comfort zone. Do you have any people around you in whose company you feel uncomfortable say because they have something that you so badly wish to have or they know more than you do about something? I am sure you do! Think about those people and this time pose yourself a different question, which is this – Are these not the same people who push me to become bigger and better than what I am currently settling for? The answer to the above question mostly is a Yes!

There is a direct relationship between the words ‘self-image’, ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-confidence’. In simplest terms, ‘self-esteem’ can be defined as the health of our mind. Dr. Nathaniel Branden, a leading authority on the subject of self-image, calls self-esteem to be ‘your reputation with yourself’. Self-confidence is typically defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement. These are all related to each other, and you can broadly say that someone with a healthy self-image will typically have a high self-esteem and also a higher level of self-confidence in general.

People with high self-esteem are usually strong and secure and can admit that they are wrong when they make mistakes, and high self-esteem does not certainly mean that these people will always win. It means that they will certainly give their best in everything they do.

Imagine how much more you would achieve for yourself and your loved ones, if you could enhance your self-image and see yourself as worth of much more. In fact, having a healthy self-image is one of the key abilities that has been observed among people who become extraordinarily successful.

The objective of designing this course is to enable you to get quick yet lasting results. In this course, you will learn the most key principles relating to self-image/ self-esteem/ self-confidence that I have gathered from my extensive reading and experience (300+ self-help/ personal development books over ~20 years).

Once you master these basic principles, you won’t really need to read up any more detailed literature on self-image/ self-esteem/ self-confidence. A number of custom-designed exercises have also been included, which have proven effective for myself and many others around me. Ensure that you complete the exercises even if they feel uncomfortable/ tedious at first. Real lasting impact will come from doing the exercises. Once you learn how to do one full iteration of the exercises and are able to take yourself to the next level, you can repeat the entire iteration from your new normal, and continue to be on that upward trajectory, of hitting higher and higher levels.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to reinventing your self-image
  • Our lives revolve around our "self-image"
    • All personal development begins from self-image inside out
    • Maintaining a consistent identity is a primary need of our mind
    • How do you handle discomfort?
  • A healthy self-image is a requirement for happy life
    • Characteristics of people with an inadequate self-image
    • Characteristics of people with a healthy self-image
    • How come a lot of people have inadequate self-images?
    • The biggest myth around self-image
    • Understanding causality is a key input
    • A healthy self-image will become even more critical requirement
  • We rarely achieve more than our self-image
    • People hang out with people at similar levels of self-esteem
    • How to handle people with high self-esteem?
    • How to handle people with low self-esteem?
  • Self-esteem can be enhanced
    • Self-esteem is like money in a bank
    • Self-esteem enhancement is an ongoing process
  • Exercise 1: Baseline your self-image: Things you like about yourself
  • Exercise 2: Design leap to the next level: Things you would like to do
  • Exercise 3: Lighten your backpack: Drop the regrets, they tire you out
  • Exercise 4: Look at positive side of the regrets
  • Exercise 5: Take leap to the next level

Reinventing your self-image will have a direct positive impact on all your life areas:

  • Physical (Health),
  • Intellectual (Work),
  • Social (Relationships),
  • Financial (Money), and
  • Spiritual (Soul),

thereby significantly enhancing the overall quality of your life.

With this short introduction, I would like to invite you to join me in this transformational journey. I have done my best to ensure that this course delivers significant value to you. Despite that, for some reason, should you feel you didn’t get adequate value for your money, feel free to go for the 30-day money back. 

Now, take action, enrol in the course and change your life forever!!

Reinvent your self-image to be more confident and successful
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