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videos lectures for design of r.c.c structural elements.

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r.c.c structural engineering fundamentals

This course is for learning the basic fundamentals for design of r.c.c structural elements which we learn as a civil engineer during our college curriculum. The structural elements covered are slabs, beams, columns, shear wall, water tanks, footings, shear and bonds, torsion, etc. As we know that we all should have a grip of structural design and the behavior of the structures, even though one does not intend to continue as a structural designer. Because the civil engineer executing his career as a site engineer should also have the feel of r.c.c structural element behavior, so as to cross check the steel reinforcements tied on site by the bar binders. These course explains in detail the complete behavior of various r.c.c structural elements, which we come across in our daily routine life.

For better explanation of fundamentals, lots of graph and figures are uploaded in the videos. These videos are just like a complete lecture in all respect. It also covers ductile detailing for earthquakes, calculation of lateral forces due to earthquake. All these videos are motivated from the civil engineering educational software "mms programs". you can visit the website,  where design aid and all these videos with there respective p.d.f are uploaded.

videos lectures for design of r.c.c structural elements.
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