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Reiki Tips for Beginners

Helpful Hints for New Practitioners
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Learn the importance of grounding and developing a solid self care routine.
Understand the important distinction between intentions vs outcomes for sessions.
Explore considerations for client comfort during sessions.
Gain valuable insights about how to support non verbal clients.
Discover the benefits of reiki in maintaining your emotional balance.
Explore the ethics of charging for reiki services.
Learn about reiki's potential impact on technology.
Discover and hone your spiritual and psychic gifts.
Understand the importance of setting limits with others to maintain healthy working relationships.

This course is designed specifically for new reiki practitioners to help you navigate your post attunement experience and make the most out of every session. There are lots of helpful ‘how to’ tips as well as an abundance of real world examples taken directly from the instructor’s personal experience and interactions with fellow energy healers. This course will help guide you through how to perform a reiki session on a client (whether human or animal) and as well as provide information about the impact reiki can have on your day to day life.  

Reiki Tips for Beginners
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