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Reiki Solas® 1&2 Practitioner Certification Energy Healing

Learn Reiki Solas® 1&2, get certified in Reiki energy healing & chakra cleansing & be a spiritual healing practitioner.
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Discover techniques to improve your health, well-being and happiness.
Learn advanced practices for self-healing and personal empowerment.
Attunement to five powerful Reiki Solas healing symbols.
Uncover the power to achieve physical, mental and emotional harmony.
Explore the complete history and origins of Reiki.
Understand how to control your chakras and direct your energy field.
Learn techniques and practices to help reduce stress and create peace and calm.
Reveal advanced tips that greatly improve your Reiki channelling potential.
Deliver distance healing sessions to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world.
Find the secret to making your goals and wishes a reality.
Achieve the power to influence your environment.
Advance and evolve spiritually.

Reiki Solas® is an advanced system of chakra energy healing and spiritual healing taught and guided by Yogi Ricky Mathieson. 'Solas' means 'Light' in Scottish Gaelic and references the spiritual illumination these courses offer you.

Learn Reiki Solas® Level 1 & 2, a unique and advanced system for chakra healing, self-healing, personal growth and spiritual healing and uncover the secrets to achieving true lasting peace, happiness and joy.

This advanced Reiki training includes Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki training, plus additional advanced spiritual energy healing techniques, plus full Reiki certification and a free certificate of completion.

Learn the Life Changing Concepts, Tools and Secret Practices for Becoming a Fully Certified Reiki Solas® Practitioner.  

  • Learn advanced techniques for health & happiness from Yogi Ricky Mathieson

  • Achieve the power and capability to influence your environment

  • Reveal the secrets to making your goals and wishes become reality

  • Recognize your ability to positively influence your health and well-being

The power to succeed is within your hands

Learning Reiki Solas®, my unique system of energy channelling, puts the power to create positive change within your capable hands. You will learn the traditional Usui Reiki system of healing as well as uncover advanced techniques, symbols and wisdom from me, Yogi and Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson, and have access to my 19 years experience of energy channelling.   

Upon successful completion of this eCourse you will have all the skills necessary to set-up your own Reiki practice and provide Reiki healing treatments to the general public. You'll also discover all the tools necessary for creating positive change in the lives of your clients as well as yourself.     


Content & Overview of Your Course

Suitable for the complete beginner, these 71 extensive lectures will help you build a firm knowledge and practical ability to successfully perform Reiki for yourself and others.     

Each course level includes a mixture of live headshot video tutorials, end of level quizzes, advanced techniques, empowering tips and practical real life assignments so you can put your new found skills to immediate use.     

Starting with your Reiki Solas® Level 1 eCourse, you will lay a firm foundation onto which you'll build more advanced practices. In your Reiki Solas® Level 2 eCourse I'll share advanced techniques that reveal how to heal from the inside and develop the true lasting peace and happiness you deserve.   

You'll also receive a free complementary gift of a further two powerful Reiki symbols to help promote deep healing and help you maintain a finer balance and harmony in your life.   

Upon completion of these two levels of Reiki Solas® you will have discovered the advanced wisdom and techniques necessary for creating positive change in the life of yourself and others and will uncover the secrets to making your goals and wishes become a reality. All while developing the good health and well-being to enjoy these successes.   

Reiki Solas® 1&2 Practitioner Certification Energy Healing
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