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Reiki Levels 1 & 2

In addition to learning Reiki, you will also receive valuable information in order to completely transform your life.
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Connect to and use Reiki energy in a variety of different ways.
You will be attuned to Reiki level 1 and 2 permanently.
You will know the Reiki symbols.
You will have a clear understanding of energy and chakras.
You will have meditation techniques.
You will understand the importance of Fung Shui.
You will understand the power your thoughts, words and acts have.
You will be able to use Reiki on animals, food, your home, car and more.
You will understand the power of Kundalini.
You will know which stones and crystals to use during your Reiki sessions and why.

My course is a bit different then most other Reiki courses because I dont just start off with Reiki. To be a channel for healing energy, YOU need to be healed first in body and in mind. 

Before I start on Reiki, I make sure you understand what energy is and what is involved in working with it. I introduce you to meditation, fung shui and color therapy to make sure you have a foundation of balance in your life. I also dive deep into how our thoughts, words and actions create the world we live in. 

From there, I cover every chakra including the color, earth element, location, emotions and area's of the body associated with each. I also go over emotional & physical imbalances which can manifest when a chakra is blocked. Why do I include this in Reiki? I include this because not only will this help YOU to know if you have a blockage, but it can help you better work with clients who are experiencing an issue. For this same reason, I cover the Kundalini as well. Many times, people have ailments related to "Kundalini Syndrome" and have no idea what is going on (and neither do their Doctors). Having knowledge of this process can not only help YOU but can also greatly benefit your clients. 

..........And all of this before we even get into Reiki, because, being a channel for healing energy is a lifestyle. 

Once we get into Reiki, you will learn levels 1 and 2, correct hand positions, Reiki symbols and how to use them and I will give you the attunement needed for levels 1 and 2. I teach you about stones and crystals and the best ones to use in your Reiki sessions and which ones will add protection. I would also like to mention that for every person who enrolls in my class, I donate $1 to the ASPCA.

Reiki Levels 1 & 2
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