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Reiki Level 1 Home Study Course

Advanced Usui Reiki Training Course
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They will learn how to heal themselves and others naturally and professionally

Reiki Level 1 Energy Practitioner Training Course

Learn  how to become a certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner

Hi,  I'm Teri Taylor, Reiki Master Teacher.Spiritual Adviser, and Holistic Healer.

I have put together a pretty cool Reiki Level 1 home training course, that I think you are going to absolutely love.

In this course you will learn about Reiki, which is a beautiful divine universal energy that has been practiced all over the world for centuries to heal any emotional,physical, and energetic imbalances. In this course you will learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others and will be one step closer to being able to starting your own practice by giving others Reiki Treatments on a  professional and paid level. In the level 1 course you will learn how to activate Reiki and give yourself treatments as well as treat others. In this   follow along course you will receive high quality videos, follow along lectures and a manual for The Reiki Level 1 degree. At the end of the course   you will receive your attunements distant style, by me, via guided meditation video. At the end of the course you will receive your level 1 certificate.
This course will change your life in so many ways, one by opening you up ,to a whole new level of existence that you have never experienced before! You will also deepen your connection to your higher self and power, as well as increasing your love for self. Reiki helps you to find a new meaning of life by helping you to heal old energetic blockages that could be holding you back in your life that is keeping you from ascending to where you are meant to be.


with Gratitude,

Teri Taylor

Reiki Master Teacher

This course includes slides & links to get you certified in Reiki Level 1! Once you have enrolled you will receive a series of emails to give you access to this amazing training course. The slides do not go along with the manual however they do cover information from the manual plus more information that may or may not be covered in this manual. Please use the resources provided.

Reiki Level 1 Home Study Course
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