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Create a Regular Savings Portfolio

Learn about Endowments, Bonds, Unit Trusts, ETFs and REITs
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Set up Savings and Investment Mechanism.
Understand and Choose among Endowment.
Understand and Choose among Bonds.
Understand and Choose among Unit Trust.
Understand and Choose among ETFs.
Understand and Choose among REITs.
Create Customized Regular Savings Portfolio.

This course if for those who wishes to:

  • Combat Inflation:
    Inflation rate is about 3%. If your money is not growing by at least 3%, Your money is being eroded away by inflation!
  • Create a Passive Income Stream:
    Having a passive income stream that covers your  expenses = financially free!
  • Plan for Retirement:
    To maintain current standard of living, most of us will require $1 million at retirement. Are you able to save this amount?
  • Accumulate Wealth:
    Learn strategies on how to retain and grow your hard earned money!

Create a Regular Savings Portfolio
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