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Nature Teeth

Learn How to Naturally Remineralize Your Enamel
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You will learn about all the necessary nutrients needed for tooth enamel regeneration, their possible nutrition sources and exact quantities required for the tooth enamel to rebuild itself

Hi! My name’s Lika and I am a strong believer that our health is on our plate.

I create accessible content that teaches how to prevent tooth deterioration.

The Nature Teeth course is approved and recommended by a dentist.

It teaches how to regrow new enamel layers and prevent tooth deterioration by clearly describing what and how much to eat for the sake of your tooth health.

This lecture provides useful knowledge about maintaining healthy teeth by nourishing the body from within.

Here you can hear about important life hacks that save expenses and reduce unnecessary visits to the dentist’s office.

You will learn that it is possible to remineralize and preserve your teeth, find out all about the nutrients needed for strong dental health,
their possible nutrition sources, and exact quantities required for the body to build itself properly and to preserve its health.

There are 5 sessions, the first four talk about the vitamins and minerals vital for teeth and bones and the last session reveals the herb that lounges the body's ability to regenerate its enamel.

It is possible to regrow your enamel by following the vital recommendations in this course and it is important to get familiar with them because when your teeth are healthy, so are you!

Nature Teeth
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