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Registration & Licences required to run a Business in India

Take this course to know what are the various registrations / licenses required to start and run Business in India
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Registrations and Licenses required to run Business in India

Are you an aspiring Entrepreneur planning to start a Business in India? Are you not clear about what are the licences / registrations required to start a Business in India? Are you a Banker need to check whether customer has taken all requisite registrations before sanctioning loan? Are you a Company Secretary Student studying Registrations and Licenses? Are you an entrepreneur already running business in India? Then this course is for you all.

Registration and Licenses required to run a Business in India.

We can start and run business in various forms like Companies / LLPs / Partnership / Sole Proprietorship - so it can be any form of entity depending upon the requirement - but starting an entity alone is not sufficient - there are various laws governing business entities from various angles and it becomes necessary to take appropriate Registrations and Licences from concerned authorities, failing which penal actions may be initiated by Government.

But what are those registrations? How do we know which are the registrations applicable and not applicable for us? How do we know when, i.e. , in what time limit they have to be taken, when they have to renewed, etc.

All these queries will get answered in this course.

See you inside the course.

Registration & Licences required to run a Business in India
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