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Registered Manager Interview Awareness (Homecare)

Registered Manager Interview (Process / Awareness)
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Awareness of what a Registered Manger Interview may look like.

The course give you information on the common questions that may be asked during the interview. It also gives some guidance one items to prepare before the interview.

This is a section of a larger course to come.

Section 1: Introduction – Course Overview

Section 2 Benefits of Owning and running home care business.

Section 3: Company Registration

Lecture 4: Business Partners

Lecture 5: Branding/ Marketing

Section 4: CQC Application and Compliance

Lecture 6: Initial CQC registration

Lecture 7: Registered Manager Interview

Lecture 8: Responsible Individual Interview

Lecture 9: Remaining Compliant

Lecture 10: Business Templates and Policies

Section 5: Finances

Lecture 11: Initial costs that may be incurred

Lecture 12: Amount to charge clients

Lecture 13: Paying Carers

Section 6: Marketing – Getting Clients

Section 7: Technology – Resources to help manage efficiently

Section 8: Developing a Company Structure to help you scale/ grow

Section 9: Recruitment

Lecture 14: How to recruit safely (Flow chart / Checklist)

Lecture 15: Recruitment Advertising

Section 10: Add on services to the business

Section 11: Negatives aspects of the business

Registered Manager Interview Awareness (Homecare)
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