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Regents Exam | Algebra I (Common Core) | August 2016

August 2016
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Understand the structure and format of the Regents Exam.
Apply test taking and problem solving strategies in a test environment.

This video series will cover the solutions to the August 2016 Algebra I common core Regents Exam. These videos will illustrate how to approach and solve various types of Algebra problems. Each video will focus on 1 unique question and will be solved step by step with emphasize on problem solving strategies.

If you are preparing for Regents Exam or just want to develop your test taking and problem solving skills this course will do just that.

The Regents Exam covers topics associated with beginning algebra such as linear equations, quadratic functions, polynomials, radical functions, transformation of functions, pattern recognition, exponential functions and systems of equations.

Regents Exam | Algebra I (Common Core) | August 2016
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