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Refrigeration & Air conditioning - Design and calculation

Refrigeration and HVAC fundamentals, design and calculation for commercial and industrial application.
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Some basic physics
Laws of Thermodynamics
Behavior of refrigerants and their properties
Refrigerant pressure enthalpy chart and how to acquire property values
Acquiring values of refrigerant properties from tools like Refprop/ CRE/ Genetron Properties
Refrigeration cycle and its types
Psychrometric chart
Heat Load Calculation - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Different types of refrigeration cycles and their pros & cons
Components of a refrigeration system in details
Explanation of terminologies like superheat, subcooling, desuperheating, etc.
Sizing and selection of refrigeration system components
Accessories in a refrigeration system
Refrigeration pump fundamentals
Sequence of Operation/Control philosophy of a refrigeration system
Design calculations like flow rates, quality, mixing temperatures, pressure drop calculation (single and two phase), isentropic efficiency, Bernoulli's theorem, fan and pump affinity laws, air and water head pressure calculation, etc.

This course has been designed to provide a clear knowledge of the physics, mathematical calculations and the engineering behind a Refrigeration and Air conditioning system. All the knowledge provided here are used in modern day real life applications. This course starts from basic physics and gradually moves onto design calculations and eventually sizing and selection of equipments involved in a refrigeration system.

This course content has been prepared in a way that it starts with the basic knowledge of the system and then gradually moves onto more complex topics. Thus there is no sudden information flood that will hinder the knowledge gain of the viewers. This course has been created keeping both beginners and industry professionals in mind and thus the knowledge exposure is gradual.

After the completion of this course the viewers will be confident about the design of a Refrigeration and Air conditioning system and will be able to make their own judgements and calculations regarding the efficacy of a design. The viewers might experience multiple "aaaaaah, that's how it works" moments.

The instructor is a System Design Engineer and worked in multiple companies in this industry like Frick, Lennox, Heatcraft, Zero Zone in many capacities. The instructor is well versed in the field of New Product Development and has been responsible for developing large scale refrigeration system products that are now available in the market. Like a true design engineer who should be held accountable in the field also, the instructor has been involved in installing and commissioning of various refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Refrigeration & Air conditioning - Design and calculation
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