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Refocus on Your Vision

A Step-by-Step Course for Working through Adversity & Anxiety of the Unknown through the Creation of Vision Cast Boards.
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How to push through negative and distracting situations in life.
How to use the scripture as the basis of your vision cast board.
How to develop clear GOALS to make your vision attainable.
How to create an intentional plan for manifesting the life you desire.
What the real meaning of FEAR is and how to flip that towards stepping into your purposed power.
How to use a vision cast in your everyday life.

Life has never been more uncertain than it is right now as nearly the entire world wars with the invisible enemy called CoronaVirus-19.

  • The news has been distracting.

  • The case count has been alarming.

  • And the fear of the unknown has been paralyzing.

The excited energy created around the possibilities of a new decade fizzled to a whimper. It's been easy to forget the visions we had for ourselves.

But it is proven that waiting and worrying never leads to progress and positivity.

This course, Refocus on Your Vision, will help you do just that through goal-setting and vision casting.

Included in this course are worksheets and a digital template for you to create an intentional vision cast board.

Whether you've created vision boards in the past or are new to the process, you'll find there's plenty to encourage you as you set your sights on your goals.

Refocus on Your Vision
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