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Refactoring Java with IntelliJ IDEA

Learn to refactor like you mean it, stress-free, using IntelliJ IDEA's built-in refactorings
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Navigate code seamlessly
Refactor Java code like a pro
Put away that mouse, and avoid RSI
Understand design decisions made when refactoring

Everybody knows that they should refactor their code to make sure that it is as easy as possible to maintain and understand.

Refactoring by editing text introduces errors, and there can be long times when the code won't even compile, because a refactoring is part way through. Using automated refactoring tools means that your code will compile all the time, allowing tests to be run after every change.

IntelliJ IDEA provides a huge number of tools to make refactoring of even very large codebases pain-free. 

This course starts at the beginning, showing how to refactor a small codebase using IntelliJ IDEA's automated tools, building up skills that can be applied to huge source trees without breaking a sweat.

It demonstrates that, often, code can be refactored without actually typing any code at all!

It also helps the student understand that refactoring is also about making design decisions.

Each lesson is easily digested in under 15 minutes, teaching techniques that are immediately useful in the real world.

This course requires a copy of IntelliJ IDEA, which is a free download.

The author and the course content is not affiliated with Jetbrains s.r.o  - although is a long time user and fan of their products!

Refactoring Java with IntelliJ IDEA
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