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Reduce Your Stress

Take back your time, energy and balance from the ravages of stress
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Abolish unhelpful demands and commitments that sabotage your goals and your plans.
Say no to the people and demands that drain your valuable time and energy.
Find your optimal balance between work, family, and play (your peak performance level).
Keep fun things from becoming stressors.
Regain your passion and zest for living.

Reduce, as a level of defense against stress, is based on helping you find your optimal level of stimulating activities and demands (what some people incorrectly call stress). Stimulating activities are things that you enjoy and consider fun. Demands are things you must do such as clean the house, get your oil changed, etc. They are not necessarily stressors, just demands on your time.

Sometimes it isn’t what you do that causes stress, it is how much you take on that is the culprit. When you take on too few or too many demands your mind tells your body, "I can’t cope with this". As soon as this happens your mind initiates the stress response.

Reduce strategies work by helping you get rid of unwanted responsibilities and demands on your time. By "reducing" these unwanted demands you free up valuable time and energy to focus on the things in your life that really matter.

Additionally, when you find that right balance of responsibilities and demands you operate at "peak performance" and regain your passion and zest for living. Each person has a unique level of responsibility and demand that sets the bar for their peak performance.

This course will help you find your peak performance level and get rid of all of the unwanted responsibilities and demands on your time and energy. .

Reduce Your Stress
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