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Beginner's guide to Redis 5

Learn redis from the absolute basics all the way to setting up your own cluster.
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Learn to install and use Redis using the redis client
Understand concepts on the different data structures offered by redis like lists, sets, sorted sets, hashes, geo etc.
Learn streams which is a redis 5 feature.
Understand different server features like memory management, security, storage and creating custom server scripts using Lua.

Caching is a technique used for improving application performance.

Redis is the most popular caching software.

Rich functionality and high performance makes Redis an excellent candidate as a caching software. In some projects, Redis is used as the only database.

We will cover all the major topics inside redis 5 and the right APIs to use for different scenarios.

We'll look at the following topics from the ground up:

  1. Installation

  2. Redis data structures like strings, lists, sets, sorted sets, hashes, geo hashes and hyperloglog

    1. Blocking APIs are covered as well.

  3. Redis streams (This is a new feature in Redis 5)

  4. Transactions

  5. Message passing

  6. Scaling redis manually and using redis clustering.

  7. Server configuration (includes security and extending Redis using scripts.)

The complete course is taught in Linux (Ubuntu), which is what most industries use in production environments.

This course is self contained and has no programming language requirement.

Beginner's guide to Redis 5
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