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Redefining the Sales Profession Due to Pandemic

"Who Moved My Sales Commissions?"
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Provide a proposed NEW IDENTITY to transform them in to more than a Traditional Salesperson in the New Sales Normal
New sales MINDSETS needed to gain back commissions and to overcome unhealthy stresses/anxieties associated with sales​
Redefine ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES they will now perform as a Sales and Marketing Professionals in the New Sales Normal
Introduction to the rapidly growing SALES & MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES and it's significance to the Sales Professional
A REFRESHED VIEW of the the 7 Steps of the Sales Process

Never in the existence of the profession of sales has a need for a course like this has been needed due to what this pandemic has done not only to our world but how we market and sell products and services. 

It is all about CONSCIENCE SELLING is the New Sales Normal.

There is much conversation as to how much things will actually go back to the way they used to be.

The core activities a sales professional have been taken away starting with the opportunity to meet people face to face.  The goal of a sales professional of following up and approaching leads to convert them to prospect had be hindered. 

  • The cold call, warm call, strategic stop by, and "I was just in the neighborhood" have been completely taken away.

  • The opportunity for a sales professional to perform telemarketing are faced with voicemails that are not returned no matter what the compelling message you may deliver.

  • Emails are pouring in to sales leads inbox in the hundreds per day, sometimes ending up in a spam folder along with the other prisoner emails.  The practice of deleting numerous emails in just seconds is a daily exercise

  • Network events do not exist (at least for now) where you could approach business's about your offering

  • The Social Media space is getting crowded with many message getting lost in the volume

Traditional Sales people will become a thing of the past. 

A New Hybrid (Quintessential) is the needed in the New Sales Normal

It was important to review the reality of the situation that has left many businesses, VP of Sales and Sales Manager wondering what to do.  It does look and feel hopeless.

There is a huge opportunity that exists in this course entitled "Redefining the Sales Profession Due to the Pandemic" or humorously subtitled, "Who Moved My Sales Commission".

All these opportunities exist on the network.  Just "google" any of the subjects on the content provided in this course and you will find dozens of sites providing very complicated methods by people who are struggling to implement the ideas themselves. Yes, they will attempt to help you for a price of course.

What they lack is understanding that the business systems are simple but action(s) to implement are complicated.

This course is guided by 4 decade sales mentor. Peter Godinez, who will coach and mentor you not only in inspiring you, but also in presenting new methods that you will understand and immediately start to implement.

Here are some of the lectures topics he will guide you to prepare you for a successful refreshed journey as a "Quintessential" Sales Professional.

  • Provide a New Sales Identity and Mindsets for New Roles and Responsibilities

  • Importance of  Sales and Marketing collaboration

  • Impressive Marketing Automation Tools That Do the Follow-up for you

  • Creating Attractive Content for Your Targeted Market in a Custom and Personalize Way

  • Collaborative and Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems

  • Reaching the Influencers in your Target Market

  • Creating a Digital Presence in the Crowd World Wide Net

  • How Sales Enablement and CRM work together

  • Product Knowledge vs. Product Passion

  • Being Your Client's Best Advocate with Your Organization and Community

  • Revisiting the 7 Steps of the Sales Cycle

Coach and Mentor, Peter Godinez will help you simply and easily bring all these critical items together for you, which entertaining you in the learning process.

You are more than just a salespeople.  You are the force that brings everything and everybody together.

Redefining the Sales Profession Due  to Pandemic
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