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Linux EX300 Exam Preparation - Upgrade From EX200

Upgrade your Linux skills from System Administrator to Engineer with my RHCE course.
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You'll learn how to perform all of the tasks listed in the EX300 exam objectives with your new Linux skills.

This course will prepare you for the Red Hat Certified Engineer® (RHCE®) exam (EX300) by expanding your Linux skills with clear explanations and easy to follow examples.

The lessons will walk you through each exam objective and show you practical examples in Linux that you can follow along with in your own lab environment.

We first begin by showing you how to set up the lab environment, and then jump straight into the practical examples. Each lesson will conclude with a list of important things that you need to remember for the exam, including specific commands and locations to inbuilt documentation that may be referred to during the exam.

By the end of the course, you will know how to complete everything needed for the exam and be prepared to succeed!


Red Hat, RHCE, and Red Hat Certified Engineer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Hat Inc. These videos and the instructor presenting them are not affiliated with the trademark owner.

Linux EX300 Exam Preparation - Upgrade From EX200
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