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Recruiting Millennials With Amazing Results

How to reach and attract more qualified Gen Y employees on a small business budget.
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Understand what it will take to attract qualified candidates from a multi-generational labor pool
Extend your reach and attract more qualified candidates
Learn best practice recruiting strategies and tools
Engage more Gen Y and convert them from a casual visitor to viable candidate
Cut time-to-hire
Boost quality of hire
Improve recruiting ROI

Are you struggling to reach and attract enough qualified Gen Y employees? Then this course is your blueprint to regain control of the biggest challenge facing business today - finding enough qualified and quality employees. It won't take long for you to realize why traditional recruiting approaches aren't working…and what better, smarter, and easily implemented approaches are available and within the grasp of almost any organization, from the start up or small business to Fortune 500.

Our lectures are short, practical, and easily understood. Workforce and employee assessment expert Ira S Wolfe and Gen Y Consulting partners Steve Boerner and David Gritz provide action steps that can be implemented immediately. In each lecture they walk you step-by-step through best practices for:

-sourcing more quality candidates,

-creating a great candidate experience,

-designing and implementing a results-oriented process, and

-gaining access to real-time date and analytics.

Throughout the course, we include additional resources and articles. Have questions? Then post questions in the discussion area which we will actively monitor.

Whether you're a small business owner who hires once in a blue moon or a recruiter responsible to fill a talent pipeline, recruiting Gen Y (along with workers from all generations) will be on the A-list of things to do in your business. Let this course be your guide to a more efficient and effective way to recruit engaged employees who can do the work and fit in your culture.

Recruiting Millennials With Amazing Results
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