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Empowered Recovery From Major Life Change

Take Charge of Your Life by Creating Your Own Action Plan
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Identify the ONE best activity that will help them recovery quickly from life changes
Have a recovery Action Plan including daily routines
Meet their future self and gain intelligence about the best life choices to make now
Understand the organic and complex nature of their own lives and how this actually helps with recovery
Feel encouraged and confident that they are using the best of the best practices to recover from major life change

Still reeling from a major life change or loss? Want a walkthrough of how to Customize and Create Your Own Action Plan to recovery more easily and design your best future? No more confusion about what to do next to get over change and loss - you will take control of your recovery. This course focuses on powerful, proven tips and practices to customize and optimize your life as you heal from major life change. Join others that have used these tips and practices to gain confidence and feel empowered. Learn how you can use this experience as a way to thrive, not just survive.

Empowered Recovery From Major Life Change
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