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Record & Edit With Your USB Microphone Like A Pro

Learn how to record and edit great sounding audio on your USB microphone that will be accepted by broadcast standards.
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Record on the microphone like a pro with recording techniques
Cleanup and edit broadcast sounding audio
Apply effects and produce good sounding audio, vocals and recordings
Know which microphone to invest in

If you're recording on a USB microphone, you're probably recording a podcast, voice over or even recording a vocal take.

This is where this course comes in. This course is designed to take you to the next level of recording & editing great sounding audio, so your recordings would be accepted even for broadcast and TV.

Grasping the know-how to produce great audio will open more opportunities to what you can do. When you mastered the art, you can:

  • Record and sell yourself as a voice talent
  • Be more sought after with your podcast quality
  • Produce better home recorded vocals & demos
  • Create better sounding videos that your fans would love watching
  • Be seen as a pro through your media work. (People hate substantial video with bad audio quality!)
  • Create better YouTube videos with great audio

This course is structured to bring you from buying your first microphone to exporting your recording. Here's the flow from start to end.

  1. First, you'll learn which microphone you should invest in. Different microphones give you different sounds.
  2. Then we'll talk about what software you should use.
  3. Recording techniques and editing your recordings is then really important
  4. After that we'll clean up your audio to make sure they sound GREAT
  5. Before we export your recordings, you'll learn how to use commercial effects to spice your recordings or vocals.
  6. Finally, learn the best way to output your audio and share it out with the world.

If that's not enough, you can count me in for any questions you have regarding recording, editing and producing your voice over or vocal recordings. I'm always connected, so I'll be at your service.

See you in class.

Record & Edit With Your USB Microphone Like A Pro
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