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Reclaiming Your Positive Self-Esteem

This course gives you powerful tools to destroy negative self-beliefs and enjoy life with a positive self-esteem.
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Participants will gain a new understanding of the origins of self-esteem.
You will see the connection between your negative self-beliefs and your negative prior experiences.
You will be able to identify and understand the ways the brain actually works to hold onto prior beliefs, even when they are inaccurate.
You will learn to recognize dysfunctional thinking, as it occurs, and correct it.
You will learn to see your negative childhood experiences through your, more objective, adult eyes.
You will learn the difference between "person" and "performance" self-esteem wounds.
You will learn to better appreciate your strengths and your value.

This course uses cognitive therapy techniques and therapeutic stories to help participants understand the origins of their self-esteem wounds and transform their perceptions of themselves. When children experience criticism, they learn to believe themselves to be inadequate or defective. When they experience neglect or abandonment, they learn to see themselves as unimportant or unlovable. When they are abused, they see themselves as broken or bad and feel shame. Without intervention, these perceptions last their entire lives. This course gives participants a new perception of their negative experiences and of themselves, helping them reclaim their positive self-esteem. The course includes video lecture, therapeutic stories, lecture summaries and written exercises. The video is of a six-hour live workshop given by Dr. Ledford, but broken down into thirteen lectures.

Reclaiming Your Positive Self-Esteem
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