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REBT - Development and Transformation with Psychotherapy

Learn REBT a excellen method of Psychotherapy for your Development and Personal Transformation (Self Therapy / CBT)
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Develop Self Therapy with this profound but simple psychotherapy technique, called the REBT
Transform your thoughts, emotions, or toxic behaviors into healthy ones.
Manage your Emotions better, thus raising your level of Emotional Intelligence.
Helping others by applying REBT's Psychotherapy.

REBT (Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy) Psychotherapy, CBT, Development and Personal Transformation, Emotional Intelligence.

Welcome to our course on one of the best and most practical psychological therapies, Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy, known as REBT. This was one of the first techniques of psychotherapy. But because of its simplicity and transforming power it has become one of the most used by counselors, therapists, coaches, and other professionals who help with personal development and transformation.  

But this time we want to show you how you can apply it, to yourself. This way you won't need to depend on a therapist, every time you need to overcome some inner blocking.


Through out this course:

- You will learn to overcome any type of mental, emotional or behavioral block.

- You will realize your level of Emotional intelligence

- You will learn to Transform your toxic thoughts into healthier ones.

- (and) You will be able to help other people.


Let me introduce myself. I am Jota, I have been a life mentor for more than 15 years helping people and groups in their growth processes. I am a Theologist with studies in psychology, leadership and communication. I have shared life principles in almost every major city where I’m currently living, several Latin American countries and different cities in the U.S. 

Together with my wife we have founded the Life College, an organization of life education, through which we want to impart principles that help as many people as possible to live their lives to the fullest.


- If you want to become a better version of yourself

- If you want to overcome any type of blocking that is preventing you from advancing in life and reaching fulfillment.

- If you want to help others in their transformation processes.

 Then this course is for you.


Do not allow personal development and transformation just to be an interesting topic. With the REBT you will be able to make it a reality in your life. 

I wait for you inside the course.

REBT - Development and Transformation with Psychotherapy
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