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Rebreather Explorer

Techniques & Procedures for efficiently take advantage from available Rebreather Technology (PSCR, CCR, APSCR, DECO-RB)
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RB Operation and Use
Safe Rebreather Dive Planning
Understand Rebreather Technology as a whole
Difference between RB Types & Effciency

 In this course you will find all pertinent information to the current Rebreather Technology available. Expect a brief History of Rebreather Technology evolution as well as topics in configuration single and double backmount or even sidemount.

Detail Dive Planning and Operation Strategy for all types of Rebreather efficiency such as SCR and CCR with variations such as pSCR, ApSCR, eCCR, mCCR. As well as O2 Rebreather Diving and the latest in Decompression Rebreathers available to the diving industry.

An overview of what need to be master in order to safely and efficently apply Rebreather Technology to Dive Exploration.

Rebreather Explorer
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