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Rebound Athletics 12 Principles

Road map to rehabilitation and training
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The principles regarding kinetic energy absorption and generation i the body
The principles regarding muscle length and weakness
Principles of posture and muscle length
Evaluation of shortened and lengthened muscles and how to rehabilitate them
Principle of proprioceptive aids in rehabilitation
Use of video in evaluation

Rebound Athletics employs a unique approach to physical therapy and athletic training. We integrate the skills of the medical doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength and performance specialist to accurately diagnose and create a custom plan for injury management. In order to do this our Principles of Rehabilitation were established. The principles outline our rehabilitation philosophy and make it reproducible for others.

The 12 principles start with kinetic energy and how it is absorbed and generated in the body. The principles progress to explain the relationship of this energy to anatomy and muscle physiology. These basics then are integrated into remaining principles that describe how we evaluate patients and our rules of implementation of a rehabilitation plan.

Rebound Athletics 12 Principles
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