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Reality Capture with Autodesk Recap

Using the reality capture and point cloud manipulation tools in Autodesk ReCap.
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Import scan files
Save and export projects
Change the appearance of a point cloud
Select and clip points
Limit volumes within a point cloud
Delete points
Add dimensions and notes to point cloud projects

This course covers all of the essential skills you will need to get up to speed with Autodesk ReCap. Each lesson includes a complete video tutorial you can watch, pause, rewind, and watch again as the instructor explains the basics of this program for preparing 3D laser scans for import into AutoCAD and other Autodesk programs.

In just under an hour, you will be able to import scan files, save and export projects, change the appearance of point clouds, work with scan regions and scan locations, and add dimensions and notes. Most lessons include actual point cloud files that you can download and load into your copy of Autodesk ReCap so that you can follow along as the instructor demonstrates various concepts.

This course includes more than a dozen lessons totaling nearly an hour of video lectures, plus materials you can download and online quizzes.

If you want to learn Autodesk ReCap, this is the course for you.

Reality Capture with Autodesk Recap
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