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Realistic Vector Art Principles (Affinity,Adobe Illustrator)

An INTERMEDIATE Level Class to Grant Yourself a Giant Leap as an Artist (Affinity Designer or any other vector software)
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- How to look and prepare good references.
- The process, methods and techniques involved in the creation of any high quality realistic illustration using vectors.
- How to "read" an object to see what we really see and not what we know about it.
- How to use simple tools in clever ways.
- The techniques involved in the creation of this kind of art.
- Do's and don'ts when drawing with vectors in order to get the best results.
- How to paint with vectors.
- What vector software is able to do, beyond the usual beliefs, and to understand that it can be done with just a few tools and techniques.
- How to create a realistic car illustration. The student will follow along until the completion of the final project, a Porsche 911.

NOTE: This class' price is fixed. Promos won't apply to it on the Udemy marketplace, so the price won't go any lower unless I run a discount myself.

NOTE: This is not a class for beginners but for INTERMEDIATE USERS (you need to have familiarity with layers, masking, effects, transparencies, gradients and boolean operations (subtract, add, combine, intersect, divide).

In this class we are going to learn the principles, techniques, methods and mindset involved in the creation of highly realistic vector graphics. This is a project oriented class, where the student is expected to follow along together with me while creating the final project which is a full vector realistic car (Porsche 911).

>> I highly recommend you check the full student's gallery before taking this class!! << 

It is full of magnificent examples where you will get a better insight of what you'll be able to achieve after taking this class. Many may people is achieving amazing results and so will you!

I work in Affinity Designer for this class, although the  principles, methods and techniques are the same for any other vector software, so it's up to the student to use this or any other software. In the mentioned students' gallery there are some Adobe illustrator examples and on my Illustration Facebook group many people works these techniques in Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc. It's all about knowing the right few tools needed!

Last but not least, should you have any doubt before you decide to take this class, do not hesitate asking me! I will be more than happy to help.

Realistic Vector Art Principles (Affinity,Adobe Illustrator)
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