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Realignment With Love

Learning many ways and traps around Love, and realigning with it with mind, body and soul.
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Clear Communication
Resolving Relationship Issues
Self Compassion
Emotional Healing
Connecting with Love
Love Languages
How to Deal with Negative Emotions
Doing Shadow Work , Inner Work
Opening the Heart to Vibrant Feelings
Connecting with the Inner Child
Reparenting Themselves
Love Traps
Understanding the Misperceptions Around Love
Healing Heartbreaks
To Mourn & To Celebrate
Awareness on Subconscious Love Patterns
Recognizing Emotions and Needs
Personal Development and Spiritual Inner Journey

Want to transform your relationships with love – radically?

We all know by now that we can not find ‘the one’ unless we ourselves become ‘the one’ of our own. But what does that really mean? And how to achieve that state?

You are invited to experience a beautiful journey through Love.

What we will go through and experience together is love as a multi-faceted concept:

  • What is the state of Love and how to easily switch into that state;

  • Understanding what parts us from this state & how to deal with these;

  • Understanding the various languages of love and how to translate the gap;

  • Intentionally opening our heart to love and connectedness;

  • Learning emotional healing, and

  • Realigning with our connection with life.

This course is specially designed in the form of a very fluent and intense journey. It has clear steps to implement into your life if you’re ready to transform your relationship with love.


I work with many people who feel a loss in their connection with life, their connection with love. That’s a depressive state where you lose contact of any meaning. Being connected with our essence where we feel the joy of life and easily access love is something that is to be learned and nourished. It is a state where we’re in contact with life’s meaning and feel existential joy like a child. Love comes to us wherever we are if we are in that state.

The steps to recognize how we have closed our hearts to this state, and how we can do the work to reopen it, are actually quite clear. This course is for you if you’ve been wanting to realign with love that is your truest nature, but did not know how.

This jourey of understanding the hurts and languages of love, and learning tools to turn the information into live action, will take you to a new stage in your relationship with yourself, with life, and with love. There’s a very fluent experience waiting for you to dive in, if you’re ready to take the step to change your relationship with love and with life.

I hope you do gift this journey to your most precious ‘one’ self.

Will meet soon,
With Love.


I hurried to offer the course as a Valentine's Gift to you. You can go ahead and start with the first modules, and will be notified when the next modules are uploaded within 2 weeks. Like a bedside book, you can watch the modules again and again through time, and you will always find a deeper layer to experience through it. Enjoy!

Realignment With Love
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