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Real Estate License Exam Math

Easiest Method to learn Real Estate Math to get License
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Learn basic and advanced real estate math concepts you need to:
Real Estate Math Fundamentals
List Price, Sales Price, and Net Price
Appreciation and Depreciation
Ad Valorem Taxes
Property Transfer Taxes
Legal Descriptions
Area and Volume
The Mathematics of Real Estate Finance
Appraisal Methods
Tools of Investment Analysis
Lease calculations

This course will teach you to go from level up from beginner to advanced real estate math part.

Learn basic and advanced real estate math concepts you need to:

  • Pass your real estate licensing exam

  • Help you increase your real estate licensing exam score

  • Become a successful real estate agent

  • Understand the math behind real estate transactions

  • The course is designed for students who are getting ready to take the real estate licensing exam or new real estate agents

What is in this course?

  • This course contains videos, practice problem sets, chapter reviews, and chapter tests that are designed to teach students how to solve each problem with step by step instruction.

  • This course contains blank worksheets with answer keys, solution worksheets, and videos for each problem.

  • You can print out blank worksheets. Then you can try to do the problems by yourself.

  • In each video the topic contains a set of practice problems. Go ahead, pause the video, and answer all questions on your own. When you are finished, play the video to see the correct answers. If you got them all right, you could skip to the next video. If you got something wrong, keep watching to see me solve each question.

  • At the end of each section, there is chapter test with multiple choice.

  • At the end of the course, there is a final exam.

  • When your student finishes this course, they should be able to solve real estate problems and get better understanding for each concept. Let us get started.

What you will learn

  1. Real Estate Math Fundamentals

  2. List Price, Sales Price, and Net Price

  3. Appreciation and Depreciation

  4. Compensation

  5. Ad Valorem Taxes

  6. Property Transfer Taxes

  7. Legal Descriptions

  8. Area and Volume

  9. Interest

  10. The Mathematics of Real Estate Finance

  11. Appraisal Methods

  12. Tools of Investment Analysis

  13. Prorations

  14. Lease calculations

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You should have a pencil, paper, and calculator in order to follow along with the course and work through the practice problems.

Real Estate License Exam Math
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