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A Beginner's Guide Real-World XSS Attack fully Practical

Learn Cross-Site Scripting and Earn at HackOne and Bugcrowd
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Cross-site scripting is one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities in modern web applications.

its permits an attacker to inject code into contents of a website Without the attacker's control.

it is one of OWASP's top 10 vulnerability

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) continues to be the most awarded vulnerability type with US$4.2 million in total bounty awards, up 26% from the previous year.

XSS vulnerabilities are extremely common and hard to eliminate, even for organizations with the most mature application security. XSS vulnerabilities are often embedded in code that can impact your production pipeline.

These bugs account for 18% of all reported vulnerabilities, but the average bounty award is just US$501. That means organizations are mitigating this common, potentially painful bug on the cheap.

This course is fully practical.

Thank You, Everyone!

A Beginner's Guide  Real-World XSS Attack fully Practical
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