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React Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide

React tutorial for aspiring web app developers & entrepreneurs.
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Learn to Present Web App Logically
Learn to Use JSX - Add XML Syntax to JavaScript
Learn to Write Modular CSS

This tutorial is a beginner’s guide to React and Redux for web app developers & entrepreneurs who are eager to learn. It’s important to understand that if you want to create your web app, you should have a unique idea and know how to make an attractive visualization. But, in the process of web app creation, it’s important to not only focus on visual appeal but also make the best UI. Therefore, you should choose the right UI library to work with. In this React tutorial, you will learn to build your own web app with Criss Veillette using React and Redux.

Why should you choose React tutorial?

First of all, I would like to give you a short introduction to what React is. React is an open-source JavaScript library used for web development. Why should you choose React? First of all, React is recognized as the most popular JavaScript library used for UI. Since it’s efficient and flexible, many websites use it. Among those websites, there’s also Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Imgur, and many more. Unlike others, React’s library is easy to use. It means that it won’t take a long time to learn React, so you will be able to start building things up right away! Now, you probably want to ask what React and Redux have in common? Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing applications. It helps you to create programs that work fluently in different environments. It’s important to understand that React and redux are not connected. But, Redux works especially well with such libraries as React, therefore, in this React tutorial, you will learn to work with React-Redux binding.

Another important point answering the question of why you should learn React, are the skills that you will acquire. After this React training course, you will manage to layout your website in a consistent way. You will learn to use JXS. This technology was delivered by React, it adds XML syntax to JavaScript. The last thing that you will learn is writing modular CSS. If you haven’t heard about it, then, briefly, modular CSS is the collection of elements that are used to write a code that is more maintainable. Furthermore, the React tutorial offers a variety of practical step-by-step exercises, so it’ll be much easier and more pleasant to learn. You can put to your portfolio everything you learn and show to your future or current employer. Trust me, it’ll bring you lots of new possibilities.

Are there any requirements before React learning?

Now, let’s move on to the last point - what requirements are needed in order to enroll in the React tutorial? There are a few requirements that you should know about before starting React-Redux learning. First of all, this React tutorial requires some previous knowledge. You should already have some basic CSS or HTML knowledge before learning React-Redux.

Talking about technical possibilities that you need to meet in order to learn React, you should have a modern web browser, it is necessary in order for everything to work without interference. Note that this React training course was recorded on a MAC computer.

So wait no more and join this course!

React Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide
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