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React-Redux Tutorial for Beginners: Installation, Basics and More!

Learn how to install and use React, a JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces. Additionally, learn to implement Redux!
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Master the React fundamentals and principles
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How to build applications with React and Redux

React is a Facebook-owned JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UI). The task of this React-Redux tutorial is to help you set up the React library and use it to implement Redux. Furthermore, I will show you how to start React app development. Therefore, you should stick around!

Choosing to learn React is a very common choice for developers that create UI since this framework provides an array of advantages. For instance, React offers faster website loading speed, code reusability, and SEO-friendly components. Furthermore, the framework is constantly updated by contributions from developers that choose to extend the capabilities of this open-source project. 

This React-Redux tutorial can be useful and informative for anyone: from a beginner to a React expert. I will go over the basics, such as preparing the React framework for use. Additionally, I will review the main components, states, event-handling, routers, refactoring, and several other concepts. Therefore, do not hesitate to learn from this course! Before you try to implement Redux, you need to know about the states above all.

What is React? 

Many people get confused: if they choose to learn React, they will be learning a new language. However, if you have some experience with JavaScript, you will only be expanding the possibilities that this language offers. By definition, React is a library, specially designed for creating user interfaces. This library can help you create web or mobile applications, and both independent developers and companies are using it for their projects. 

This Redux-React tutorial aims to introduce you to the way React works, and only after you have learned all the basics necessary, you will be presented with Redux. 

What is Redux? 

Redux is a very important part of this React-Redux tutorial. By definition, Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. Sounds unclear? In simpler terms, Redux is a library, helping you manage the state of your application, the data you display, and the responses that various user actions trigger. 

Additionally, after learning from this Redux-React tutorial, you will be able to guarantee that your applications work consistently and are easier to test. Testing is crucial as it is the only way to spot bugs before your users do.

What will you find in this tutorial?

This React-Redux tutorial is divided into two main parts. Firstly, we discuss the principles of React, its components, states, event handling, routers, refactoring, product components, etc. Furthermore, one section is going to focus on React and CSS frameworks. I will show you how you can apply different styles. Then, we will start discussing Redux principles and the advantages of its application. 

Therefore, join me in this React-Redux tutorial to learn how to set up React for development, install different packages, and implement Redux. While this course is for beginners that have not used React or Redux, it would be beneficial if you would know the basics of vanilla JavaScript and HTML. Besides that, you are good to go!

I hope to see you in the course!

React-Redux Tutorial for Beginners: Installation, Basics and More!
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