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Formik Tutorial: No More Tears When Building a React Form

Learn how to use the Formik library to simplify the creation and validation of a React form
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How to set up Formik
How to create simple and more advanced React forms
How to integrate validation with Yup

Nowadays, web development is inseparable from the creation of various forms. Let’s say you want to get your users’ feedback: you need a form. If you are managing an online store, you will most likely need to produce forms for signing up. Formik is a small library, specially designed for helping you generate functional forms that will retrieve input. Therefore, this React forms tutorial will show you the steps for creating a signup form for a website. 

Furthermore, this tutorial for React form creation expects you to have a basic understanding of React, JavaScript and HTML. However, you do not have to have any prior experience of using Formik: I will explain the process of form creation and validation in a beginner-friendly way. 

Why Formik and not React? 

React is a useful JavaScript library, but it does not offer quick solutions for managing forms. Formik is a solid alternative to creating a better React form as it will help you manage the state of the form and will provide tools for building a strong validation. Developers often claim that handling forms with React have annoying setbacks. 

That is why this React forms tutorial will help you produce forms without unnecessary downsides and complications. I will start small, by producing a very simple form, and then turn to a more complicated form as well.  

More advantages of using Formik

If you have ever created forms with the React library, the same process with Formik will definitely seem easier, and quicker. It is no wonder that the slogan of Formik is "build forms in React, without the tears." With the material I provide in this course, you will be able to increase your efficiency when creating a React form for your website. 

Another important aspect is that Formik is a flexible library that lets you easily integrate Yup. The latter is responsible for the proper validation of your forms. 

The Formik React forms also have one important advantage: the form state management. Using Redux and calling the Redux reducer several times after every keystroke is a redundant process. Luckily, Formik will automatically manage the states of all React forms. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this course, I hope to convince you that using Formik is a more organized method of creating forms and their validation logic. I will go through the steps of setting up the necessary environment and creating your first simple Formik React form. 

The theory is excellent and necessary for any learning process. However, I will also focus on the practical application of your skills. Therefore, in my course, we will be creating a form that is relevant for any website: a signup form. During the creation process of this React form, I will explain every step and provide you with the tools for validation, managing errors, and some relevant functions. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to enter this course. As mentioned, you need to know some basics of HTML, JavaScript, and React. However, you will be surprised by the simplicity of creating functional and validated forms in a less time-consuming way!

Formik Tutorial: No More Tears When Building a React Form
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