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Learn React: Create App with React and JSX

Use this React crash course and learn React, create app that works
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How to create an interactive React application
How to handle, build and deploy React websites
How to use JSX with React

Have you ever wanted to learn React? Create app that would amaze others? Well, you can achieve this if you enroll in this React crash course, which also features a JSX tutorial. You will learn from me - Andrea Zanin, an aspiring, self-taught programmer. Since I've been in your shoes, you can be sure that this course will feature precisely what you need to know to use React, create app, and understand JSX properly.

Why should you learn React and JSX?

React is a prevalent JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces. And you can be sure that it is prominent and popular as its maintainer is Facebook alongside a community of developers. This JavaScript library is used not only for web applications but also for mobile ones as it is excellent for catching data that changes a lot. If you learn React, you can be sure that you are on your way to becoming a skilled developer that can be targeted by such huge companies like Facebook.

For React apps to work correctly you have to use something alongside it. In this React crash course, you will also have a short JSX tutorial so you would know how to use them together. JSX is short for JavaScript XML and extends the JavaScript programming language to broader use. By using it along with React, you can structure component rendering.

Learning React is very useful as it is a reactive language: that can make you understand code differently than you might have used to.

React crash course: what to expect?

So you want to learn React, create app, and understand JSX. This course, aimed for aspiring front-end developers, has got you covered. Sure, this course might seem short: only a little over half an hour, but trust me, it is packed with useful information to boost your skills. Look at what you will learn:

  • How to set up your project;
  • How to use various React components;
  • JSX syntax;
  • React's dynamic programming style;
  • How to use stateful components;
  • How can you update the application when new data appears;
  • Conditional rendering;
  • How data flows in React;
  • How to handle user input;
  • How to use React, create app, and then deploy it!

This is a very practical React crash course as you will be mostly working on your application creation. But I do expect that you will have JavaScript basics as everything that you are going to do is going to be based on this programming language. By taking the JSX tutorial in this course, you will also enhance your skills as you learn React, create app because JSX is very often used with React.

Even though this is a short course, you might take a bit more time: I encourage you to take as many pauses as needed and always stop the React crash course and try out the concepts yourself. You really shouldn't only listen to the course; you should also try out everything practically! If you do this, you will have a React app ready and deployed: that's a good project to add to your programming portfolio.

I hope I will see you in my React and JSX tutorial!

Learn React: Create App with React and JSX
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