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A RapidMiner Tutorial: Become a Data Miner in Less Than Two Hours

Learn data mining by following a compact yet informative RapidMiner tutorial for beginners!
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How to use RapidMiner for data mining
How to interpret and prepare data
How to create models for data evaluation

One of the best-known headlines The Economist has printed over the recent years said the data has replaced oil as the most valuable resource in the world. It’s no surprise, really: collecting and analyzing data allows you to come up with creative insights, valuable solutions, and innovations. It’s also a great way to understand the needs of your consumers and the issues they experience. 

In this RapidMiner tutorial, you will learn how to use RapidMiner for data mining. Start the course now, and find out how to improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of your business process!

Learn data mining from the ground up!

Let’s start our RapidMiner tutorial by getting the basics down. First and foremost – what is data mining? For a beginner, the name might seem confusing. At first glance, it looks like your mining something for data, right? Wrong!

In a vast sea of data, it’s rather hard to notice a pattern or a tendency that appears repeatedly. This is where data mining, also known as knowledge discovery, comes in. To put it simply, it means analyzing the data itself to draw valuable conclusions and use them as a base for future predictions. As you learn data mining, you will be able to quickly see opportunities:

  • To improve customer experience
  • To decrease your spending
  • To increase your revenues
  • To prevent looming threats

Choosing a good data mining course might be tricky, as some of them only concentrate on the theory. Of course, getting the fundamentals down before you get your hands dirty is crucial. However, you won’t be able to use them until you also learn how to use specialized data mining software. With my RapidMiner tutorial, you will not only get familiar with the concepts and principles but also find out how to use RapidMiner for data mining on your own.

Choose the fastest and most transparent data mining software!

Skimming through the description of one data mining course after another before you make a choice, you will notice there’s a lot of systems you could use for data mining, such as Echosec, Octoparse, or PolyAnalytic. Why pick a RapidMiner tutorial over them?

The most important reasons include:

  • Over 1500 native algorithms and data science functions
  • Over 100 extensions and an open-source code
  • Ability to automate processes fully
  • Support for a multitude of machine learning libraries
  • Powerful workflow visualizations
  • Transparency of each step in the data mining process
  • Collaboration and notebook features for team projects

As of now, RapidMiner has over half a million active users all around the world. This includes thousands of organizations, universities, and businesses.

For this RapidMiner tutorial, we will be using the RapidMiner Studio version, which allows us to analyze, cleanse, and validate any type of data. I will also explain how you can use the modeling features to the fullest and evaluate the data in an efficient manner. In just under two hours, you will learn how to extract the crucial information to be used in predictive analytics!

A RapidMiner Tutorial: Become a Data Miner in Less Than Two Hours
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