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Basic R Programming Tutorial: Practical Data Science With R

Get your jobs done more efficiently after this basic R programming tutorial
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Using different packages for data manipulation, visualization and other tasks
Pulling in and pushing out data from R environment
Solving business problems while learning
Building loops, variables, statements and more

Coding is the new math - a skill that puts you in front of hordes of career seekers in the 21st century. There are so many coding languages out there, but when you need to choose the one to learn, you want to get immediately employable skills. And you want to get those skills fast and effectively, enrolling in a course with practical structure and value. That, my friend, is exactly what I had in mind when designing this basic R programming tutorial for you!

R shines bright in the future

Learning R can be a great addition on your toolbelt if you want to flow smoothly through the tasks at hand. Using R programming for data science you’ll become a part of a growing fantastic community of supporters, and you’ll contribute to the evolution and constant improvement of it on a daily basis. How? With R, you can use packages of code made by others (and easily remove them) or build your own. There are literally thousands of packages to choose from, and developers take care to do the quality check so you don’t have to be the lab rat.

That’s how R will never get obsolete, and those packages will make your life at programming much easier. Free and open source R is making an impact in the whole industry forcing the developers of other programming languages to revise their pricelists.

If you’re one of those appreciating the freedom to plan your time, an online basic R programming tutorial will guarantee the flexibility to go through the learning material at your own pace and join the world of practical data science with R.

It’s all about practical skills...

In my basic R programming tutorial, you’ll spend a decent amount of study time on functions. I’ll make sure you have a proper introduction to R functions, understanding how they work and how you can apply them.

When you get the introduction to R, and you’re away from academic setting, you’ll notice that data manipulation can easily consume 60-70% or more of your time. This R tutorial will guide you through the most powerful, popular, and favorite packages to help you get your jobs done much more relaxed. There's nothing better than practical data science with R.

You’ll put your hands on business problems which you’ll effectively solve using the skills acquired at my basic R programming tutorial.

You’ll also learn such basics as:

  • Data input/output
  • Data visualization
  • A quick introduction to machine learning
  • Building loops, variables, statements and more
...and Fun

I do my best at guiding students down fun and easily understandable way because I know how important it is to get things clear right from the beginning. Learning R programming for data science with me you’ll skip the useless bunch of code practicing. In this R tutorial, you’ll go over the basics you need, practice solving true-to-life problems and  join the world of practical data science with R. That means you don’t have to come with prior coding experience. Course material will be coupled with fun exercises and explanations that are easy to follow. After completing this R programming tutorial, you’ll be able to roll seamlessly over data analytics and management, visualization and many other tasks. It sounds like you’ve no more reasons to delay the start of learning R straight away!

Basic R Programming Tutorial: Practical Data Science With R
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