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Quantum Information Science II

Learn about quantum computation and quantum information in this advanced graduate level course from MIT.
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Already know something about quantum mechanics, quantum bits and quantum logic gates, but want to design new quantum algorithms, and explore multi-party quantum protocols? This is the course for you! In this advanced graduate physics course on quantum computation and quantum information, we will cover: The formalism of quantum errors (density matrices, operator sum representations) Quantum error correction codes (stabilizers, graph states) Fault-tolerant quantum computation (normalizers, Clifford group operations, the Gottesman-Knill Theorem) Models of quantum computation (teleportation, cluster, measurement-based) Quantum Fourier transform-based algorithms (factoring, simulation) Quantum communication (noiseless and noisy coding) Quantum protocols (games, communication complexity) Research problem ideas are presented along the journey. Learner Testimonial “This course is hard!” -- Anonymous MIT graduate student
Quantum Information Science II
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