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Python Video Processing

Video Editing with Python Code
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Basic Python knowledge

This course teaches you how you Video Processing with Python. By writing Python code, you can automatically edit videos. It is an introduction course: you will learn about resizing, rotating, cropping, applying effects on videos and much more.

The course is for beginners, it starts with setting up the development environment, then dives into opening videos, creating your own videos, do basic editing and a lot more. Python doesn't have to be console or desktop only, you can have fun with video processing!

The course explains how to use the MoviePy module with Python. MoviePy is a Python module for video editing, which can be used for basic operations (like cuts, concatenations, title insertions), video compositing (a.k.a. non-linear editing), video processing, or to create advanced effects. It can read and write the most common video formats, including GIF.

You should use MoviePy if:

  • You have many videos to process or to compose in a complicated way.
  • You want to automatize the creation of videos or GIFs on a web server (Django, Flask, etc.)
  • You want to automatize tedious tasks, like title insertions tracking objects, cuting scenes, making end credits, subtitles, etc…
  • You want to code your own video effects to do something no existing video editor can.
  • You want to create animations from images generated by another python library (Matplotlib, Mayavi, Gizeh, scikit-images…)

MoviePy has been developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Simple an intuitive. Basic operations can be done in one line. The code is easy to learn and easy to understand for newcomers.
  • Flexible. You have total control over the frames of the video and audio, and creating your own effects is easy as Py.
  • Portable. The code uses very common software (Numpy and FFMPEG) and can run on (almost) any machine with (almost) any version of Python.

If you want to write Python code that edits videos automatically, enroll in this course on Python Video Editing


Python Video Processing
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