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Rapid Python Training for Beginners: A Quick Online Python Course

Learn Python basics in one hour: enroll in this Python online course and learn Python fast!
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Using Python in Visual Studio Code Editor
Python basics: variables, tuples, lists, functions
Object-oriented Python programming

This Python training course will focus on giving you the absolute basics of this versatile language. Read more to find out, why should you start this online Python course and how it can help you advance your career.

Why learn Python basics?

Python is a prevalent language as it has multiple uses: you can use it for web-development, creating games, and even data analysis/science. It is a leading programming language for machine learning and AI creation, so no wonder it has growing attention.

You don’t have to be a developer to take advantage of Python. Even the basic Python training can help in a variety of careers: you can learn to automate your every-day tasks, analyze large amounts of data, create tests, and more.

If you are an aspiring developer, then Python is also an excellent choice to start:

  • It’s one of the easiest programming languages for beginners, so this Python online course can become the start of your developing career;
  • It is a very flexible language, which means there are many ways to achieve the same result. So you won’t have to memorize Python basics as rules, but you will have to focus more on finding the proper solution depending on the situation by using what you’ve learned.
  • It is a popular language: even the big companies like Google are using Python for their solution. So this little Python training can be your first step into later working in these big companies or starting your websites.
  • It is a versatile language. Python can be used not only for web development but also for creating games, doing data analysis, working with machine learning and IoT, scraping the web, automating your browser, programming network, and more. There are many use cases for Python, and with its growing popularity, there are a lot of chances that there will be even more solutions based on Python.
A quick but versatile online Python training

This Python online course for beginners is short and to the point: you will get to know Python basics that you’ll need if you want to pursue your skills in this area. After this precise training session, you should know:

  • How to work with Python on Visual Studio Code Editor (you will have to install Python yourself before the course);
  • How to create a basic Hello app and why indentation is vital in Python;
  • What are variables in Python and how can you use them;
  • How numeric types, strings, operator types, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries can be used in Python;
  • What are the different types of loops in Python and how can you use them;
  • Main Python functions;
  • How to handle errors and files;
  • How to create and use different modules.

This Python training will help you see how this programming language works practically. You will see how you can manipulate Python directly in Visual Studio Code Editor. You will see not only what is being typed in, but also which answers get logged and what kind of errors can appear. 

Start this online Python course now, and master Python for beginners in no time!

Rapid Python Training for Beginners: A Quick Online Python Course
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