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A comprehensive course to learn Python GUI + Tkinter

Build practical projects with Python GUI programming method Tkinter
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You'll learn to build a powerful GUI using Python and Tkinter
You will get an in-depth understanding of elements in Python GUI

Welcome to your comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) tutorial with Tkinter/Python. If your goal is to learn how to create GUI apps using the most commonly used module for GUI apps in Python, then you’re in the right spot! This Python GUI tutorial will introduce you to loads of functions and features that are available for you to create with Python GUI. Reserve at least 6 hours of your time, because they will be the hours spent well!

Why choose this course to learn Python GUI programming with Tkinter?

First of all, we should let you know that Python is a programming language that is very easy to pick up for any experienced programmer. If you’re entirely new, then you may trust Python is the language which is closest to a ‘normal’ human language. Thus you’ll learn it easier and quicker than other programming languages. Python code is short and super flexible, as it’s focused on productivity and readability. You’ll no longer need to use others’ programs to do what you need on your computer because you’ll be able to make your own!

There are many options for Python GUI programming, but out of all the methods, Tkinter is the most commonly used one. There may be some online Python GUI tutorials offering you to learn this method, but this course is distinctive in that it’s very detailed and comprehensive. You won’t need to search for more additional information to learn the Tkinter method. Having that said, we must also add that this tutorial will be delivered by Lernen Hub – a team of professional trainers who will present all the needed information understandably and effectively. Our personal experience in IT and programming allows us to pick and choose the most relevant information that you need to learn. We also add practical tips from our own experience.

What’s in this course waiting for you?

This course is an extensive tutorial of Python GUI programming. If you have a look at the curriculum, you’ll quickly see how much you are going to cover in this course.
After setting up your Python GUI working environment, you’ll get a short introduction to Python basics and get familiar with Tkinter/Python programming. Then you’ll be ready to build basic widgets and move on to geometry management (grid, pack, place geometry will be explained in detail).

Once you’re comfortable with creating widgets, you’ll also lear how to create (and destroy) windows and change their behavior and style. You’ll become a master of organizing interfaces, and finally learn more about adding advanced widgets.

This course will, of course, have practical tasks for you. As you learn Python GUI programming, you’ll be working on 4 projects in total. You’ll learn to create login/sign-up forms, registration forms, and email sender app. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with project creation and execution until they work perfectly!

Advance your career!

Python programmers are among the most required ones when you look at today’s job market. Learn the valuable tool, and add practical skills of GUI programming with Tkinter in this comprehensive tutorial.

A comprehensive course to learn Python GUI + Tkinter
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