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Learn Python From Scratch: Basics and Projects for Practice

Enjoy a balanced learning experience: from basics to how to build a Python application
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Python basics
How to use Python for data analysis
How to develop games with Python
How to implement AI-based projects with Python
Datascience and data visualisation using Python

Python is the language for people wanting to start their careers as programmers, data analysts, machine learning specialists, or AI developers. Indeed, Python is often mentioned among these innovative concepts. Additionally, Python is so versatile that even people who are not programmers choose to learn Python from scratch. This decision is extremely beneficial to business owners and data analysts who want to handle large volumes of data. 

Therefore, this Python course can be the beginning of something phenomenal. It can be a step towards developing AI-inspired projects or performing innovative data analysis. It does not matter which option is more appealing to you. This course on Python fundamentals will cover the basics that are necessary for any Python project. 

To make the learning process more engaging, we will also work on more than 13 projects with Python. Therefore, you will learn how to build a Python application of any kind. For instance, one of the first projects will be a dice rolling simulator. To make matters more exciting, we will also quickly turn to the artificial intelligence tic_tac_toe game. All of the theoretical and practical material in this course is a goldmine! After working on projects and learning the Python fundamentals, you will gain a ton of experience and insights!

Learning Python from scratch: where to start?

As I explained, Python is an excellent addition to anyone’s skill set. However, people who want to learn Python from scratch are often hesitant to begin because they do not have a plan. In this Python course, you are covered! You won’t need to think about which topic is more important than others, or when it is time to work on a project. 

This course on how to build a Python application is specially designed for beginners. Therefore, you do not have to have any experience with Python. Instead, I will help you master those basics and start using Python with confidence.

What will you find in this course?

If you want to learn Python from scratch, this course is a perfect opportunity for you to get a balanced learning experience. I will equip you not only with the advantage of knowing all necessary theoretical concepts but also with practical experience of actually coding with Python. While getting the hang of all ideas in this course, you will also be introduced to an essential part of using Python: libraries. 

Mastering Python from scratch also includes helping you use various libraries. Libraries are one of the greatest strengths of Python. This programming has a lot of useful resources, and I mean a lot. Therefore, I will explain the most popular ones, such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. Do not miss this chance of getting a quality education for the best price possible! Since we will be working on multiple projects, you will get an opportunity to code with Python, import libraries, and feel the satisfaction of writing a functional application! 

So what are you waiting for? Join my course and learn how to build a Python application in no time!

Learn Python From Scratch: Basics and Projects for Practice
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