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Python for Data Science: Kickstart Your Career Into New Heights

Get a solid intro to Python for data science and get skills in data analysis & visualization and machine learning
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You'll get a solid intro to Python for data science
NumPy for numerical data
Pandas for data analysis
How to represent data creating beautiful visualizations

Welcome to this intro to Python for data science, data analysis, and visualization. Here I’ll guide you to a great introduction to Python and help you learn the ways you can execute Python data analysis. You will build a strong foundation of data science, machine learning, and related technologies. You will learn to analyze data with Python, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine algorithms. Ready to start your path to becoming a data scientist?

Why learn Python for data science?

Data scientist – ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century’ – with an average salary hitting nearly $120k in the US (according to Glassdoor.com)! And it’s not an only financially rewarding career, because your daily job will involve solving some of the most exciting problems. Naturally, data scientists need some excellent skills to be rewarded as generously as they are. Their skillset includes things like advanced analytics technologies, machine learning, predictive modeling, and the ability to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in data sets. This Python data science course is the most straight-forward way to build a foundational understanding of the technologies involved in data science.

At the same time, you’ll get a solid introduction to Python – the Swiss army knife in the world of coding. It’s the programming language with an ever-stretching community and an enormous scope of application. A lot of people use Python: from game, web, software developers, to graphic designers, data scientists, and many other tech-specialists. Why? First of all, it has an easy-to-understand syntax, so it takes less time to learn. Any questions that might arise while learning has probably been answered by members of the Python community, which is enormous. Next thing, Python is hugely scalable and faster compared to Matlab or Stata. Scalability is what made YouTube migrate to Python! Also, Python has a data science libraries available for aspiring candidates. You can perform Python data analysis with many of them, e.g., NumPy, which we’ll cover fully in this intro to Python for data science course.

What exactly will you learn?

This course will be your guide to learning to take the advantages of Python’s power in data analysis, creating visualizations that are clear and beautiful, and understanding machine learning algorithms. This intro to Python for data science course is suitable for beginners with minimal programming experience as well as for experienced developers who want to shift into the world of data science.

Some of the main topics that we’ll cover while you learn Python for data science include:

  • Python basics – from installation and setup to data types and Python statements (if-else, for/while loops).
  • You’ll get an introduction to object-oriented programming and study class, attributes, methods, and about inheritance.
  • NumPy for data analysis: How to perform NumPy operations, work with NumPy array, perform indexing, and selection with NumPy.
  • Pandas for data analysis: what you can do with data frames, how to merge, join and concatenate them, reading and writing files, and many other useful things.
  • Matplotlib for data visualization and plotting different graphs.

Just have a quick look at the full course curriculum to get a better sense of what we’ll be working on.

Python, data science, machine learning – that’s the way to go in 2019!

Learn Python and advance with your career to a new level. Learn what you need to know in a fun and practical way by enrolling in this course. Get a complete introduction to Python/Data Science. Stop doubting, start doing!

Python for Data Science: Kickstart Your Career Into New Heights
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