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A Complete Python Flask Tutorial on Main Principles and Making Your First Web Apps

Learn how to make a web app with Python by learning the use and main principles of the Flask module in this Python Flask tutorial
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How to create web apps with Python Flask module
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If you use Python as one of your main programming languages, your work likely depends on a specific (or multiple) frameworks. In this Python Flask tutorial, you will learn about one of the possible partners in crime: Flask. The latter is a micro-framework, meaning that it does not rely on external libraries or tools. In many cases, Flask is the framework for beginners that want an easy-breezy start to develop their own web applications. Therefore, if you have just learned Python, Flask will be the perfect choice for you to build a web app with Python!

As you might realize, this Python Flask tutorial requires you to know the basic principles of Python. Additionally, it is recommended that you also know HTML and CSS.

Why choose Python for web development? 

Before we answer the question of how to make a web app with Python and Flask, you should know the benefits of using Python for your next web application. Since Python is a general-purpose language, you can use it for anything: machine learning, data analytics, web development, etc. 

Of course, Python has rivals (such as PHP) in the field of web development. Additionally, the association between Python and machine learning often misleads people into believing that Python is used only for AI-related projects. However, Python should tempt you with its easier syntax rules, flexible nature, and a full range of modules. In this Python Flask tutorial, I explain Flask, one of the possible companions when building a web application.

Why Flask?

Let’s say you have decided to create a web app with Python. You might ask: why should I choose Flask? Well, several reasons make Flask stand out from the rest of the Python modules. First of all, Flask is lightweight, and even after you install additional plugins, you probably won’t weigh it down. Furthermore, due to its minimalistic approach, developers have more control of their final product and are not forced to use predefined patterns. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this Python Flask tutorial, I will start by explaining the benefits of setting up several virtual environments if you use different modules or different versions of the same module. Then, we will go over the steps of importing and initializing Flask. 

Now, it is time to create a web app with Python. Firstly, I will create a route. The latter concept means that we map the browser to your Python code. Another step is to make the Python code run. In other words, you want to make browsers load your web application. In this lesson, it is important to know whether you have the rights of the administrator on your computer. If not, do not worry: I will provide useful workarounds. 

This Python Flask tutorial on how to make a web app with Python will also explain various concepts, including Flask templates and variables in them, static files, methods for styling your Flask app, HTTP handling, file upload, and many other components of websites. Additionally, after showing you the steps of creating a simple app, I will focus on how to build a web app with Python that would be more complex. 

A Complete Python Flask Tutorial on Main Principles and Making Your First Web Apps
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