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Python Django Tutorial for Beginners: Build a Hotel Website

Take this Python Django tutorial for beginners and learn building a website with Django from setting up the environment to the final launch.
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How to build a simple hotel Django website
How to search in a database
You'll practice designing a model in Django with database relationships
You'll practice deploying all other major parts of a Hotel website

If you want to learn how to build simple business websites fast, Django is your go-to solution, since it’s an easy to learn, feature-rich, and versatile tool. This Python Django tutorial for beginners is all about enabling you to learn the specifics of building a website with Django so that in almost 4 hours, you leave with a real-world project added to your portfolio. You’re going to create a hotel website from scratch using Django and Python. So, run this errand and collect the bounty for your future career! 

Is this Python Django tutorial for beginners suitable for you? 

There are no high requirements set for enrolling in this course. When learning the Django framework, it’s always beneficial to have the basics of Python already on your toolbelt, so if you haven’t ever written a line in Python, I’d first recommend taking a quick Python course, and then you’ll be ready for this Python Django tutorial for beginners. 

Multiple reasons make Django a perfect tool for simple business website creation. What experienced developers value most in it is the speed. The solution that will get the work done in minutes because of its capabilities to reduce the complexities of web development. Django website builder has dozens of handy extra features that make developers’ life more comfortable. On top of that, security makes you worry less about the common mistakes. So, this Django tutorial will add a popular open-source solution for web development to your skillset. 

How will you end up building a Hotel Django website? 

Your end result in this Python Django tutorial for beginners will be a hotel website with the functionality to search and book rooms, including the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ sections. You’re going to build everything from the ground up – from downloading everything you need and setting up your environment to the final deployment of a new Django website. 

Here’s an overview of what bits you’re going to learn to make that all come true with this Django tutorial: 

  • Downloading and installing Python and Django on Mac, Linux or Windows 
  • Creating a new Django project 
  • Designing a model in Django creating database relationships 
  • Managing URL’s 
  • Creating views and pages 
  • Using static and media files on your website 
  • Working with templates, using template filters 
  • Searching data in the database 
  • Adding necessary models and forms 
  • Adding search function on your website 

There will be quite a lot to learn and practice, but we’ll have enough time to do that. I’ll make sure you get the proper guidance with every step, and if ever in doubt, you can always rewind and watch that bit again. 

The best developers never stop learning! 

If you have any doubts if you really need to take the time and learn building a website with Django… really?.. Then get rid of those thoughts, and better start learning. It’s going to be a tool that will help you in many situations. Expanding your understanding with different frameworks will eventually lift you to the category of the best developers who can pick the right tool according to any arising situation. This Python Django tutorial for beginners is for those who want to keep improving, and I trust you’re one of those. Let’s work for a brighter future together!

Python Django Tutorial for Beginners: Build a Hotel Website
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